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How to piss off a creative by nelle illustrations

How to Piss Off a Creative

Here’s a few pet peeves creatives want you to know about and learn from!
It’s a dream when you get to do what you love for a living. Unfortunately, sometimes, it can be a bit of a nightmare when the wrong people come along.

I’m a digital artist and owner at Nelle illustrations, and I’ve compiled a list of 15 things that some clients say and do that really piss me off.


1.Vague Instructions

I die a little when I hear “make it stylish” ,”fresh”, “spruce it up”, “new”, “classy”, “make it colourful” etc. While you might have one idea of what “stylish” is , I might have another. Be concise and specific about what you want.


2. “It’ll only take you a minute”.

Believe it or not there’s no magic button, these things take time. On a couple of occasions people have come to me with “It’ll only take you a minute”. That ”minute” turned into 3 days unpaid work.









Image Source: Topicsinradiography.com

3. Expecting Me to Work for Free

From time to time I get these little nuggets: “It’ll be good publicity/advertising for you”. “It would be an amazing opportunity for you”. I’ll decide what’s good for my business thanks.











Image source: Hollywoodlife.com

4. Low res photos.

I can’t do anything with pixilated, low quality photos. Or a mirror selfie in which the phone covers your face. Yes that has happened. Just send the high res!








Image Source: Quantumdiaries.com 

5. “That’s too expensive, I only want a ‘Simple’ illustration for my Facebook profile.”

Oh i’m sorry, why didn’t you say, i’ll go press that magic button again. Regardless of where you want to use the artwork or the size, it still takes a certain amount of time to create.



6. Again, “That’s too expensive”.

Let me put it this way, would you work 50+ hours a week in your place of work , and be ok with not getting paid? No, I didn’t think so. You’re not obliged to buy my art or anyone else’s work for that matter. It’s your choice. If you really want it then buy it. Like anything else. Respect creatives and their hard work.









Image source:Fashiongonrogue.com

7. Constantly adding extras. 

Agreeing on a quote and finalising the details. Client sends you a list of extras and alterations but doesn’t want to pay for the extra time.



8. “I love your work can you paint me a portrait? Here are some examples I like *sends me examples of other artists work*

This is highly insulting. F#%k off.







Image Source: Quickmeme.com

9. “Please draw me (free) I will re share it on social media”.

Eh no. That won’t pay my bills.

Via Giphy

10. “Can you include my logo”

Sends me a small .jpeg file or screenshots of their logo, after I request hi res editable versions, expecting me to work miracles. 









Image Source: Quickmeme.com

11. not responding

There’s nothing more frustrating than a client sending email after email, demanding work by a certain deadline, only to then go and ignore your emails or worse cancel without letting you know. Have the decency to keep the designer updated.









Image Source: Memegenerator.net

12. So and so only charges ‘X’ amount.

Telling me someone else does what I do for cheaper doesn’t interest me. Feel free to use their service instead. Many people often go with the ‘cheaper’ option, but usually end up spending more undoing the errors of an inexperienced creative. Cheaper doesn’t always mean better. 








Image Source: ABCNews.com

13. Expecting discounts and Free stuff because yOu’re a ‘somebody’

Someone once contacted me to tell me they were friends with Kylie Jenner and demanded I create a custom portrait for them, free of charge.  Status doesn’t faze me i’m afraid. I don’t care if you’re a celebrity, or if you’re a supposed friend of a celebrity (which they weren’t).  Respect works both ways. 









Image Source: Twitter @Michaelscarn

14. I’d like to book the special offer (months after it ended)











Image Source: Memesvault.com

15. Assuming i’m a mind reader.

While i’m flattered you think I possess superhero like qualities, unfortunately I don’t. So, instead we’ll just have to learn how to communicate efficiently.



So as we can see the customer most definitely isn’t always right.

Respect creatives.

Is there anymore that you’d include?

Let me know in the comments.

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