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Each project varies depending on what you would like. I need to factor in things like: what type of portrait or work you would like created,would you like it to be full/medium length or just faces. How many people, extras etc you’d like included. How many variations, if any. What you would like to use it for and also the duration in which it will take for me to create the piece and communication with the client etc. Please note the each price quoted is an estimate and is subject to change. This can depend on a persons requirements and timescale. It’s always best to give as much details possible before the work can be started to ensure you get what you want and it also helps me to give you a better estimate.
A standard face portrait is a portrait of just the face and neck. It is one per person only, unless discussed otherwise. If you’d like more people in the painting, any extras or full length feel free to contact me for more info and I can issue you a new quote.
On completion of the painting you can request 2 minor changes to the painting free of charge. This can include changing the colour of the eyes, skin, clothing, hair etc. This also can include slight changes in expression etc. Any major changes or extra changes will come at an additional cost. Feel free to contact me with any questions you might have.
Bookings can only be cancelled within the first 24 hours and before the artwork has been started. Then a refund can be issued if necessary. No refunds can be given if the artwork has been started or completed.
Payments must be made in full before the artwork can be started. It is from that moment you can expect to receive your painting within 2-10 working weeks depending on demand. Delayed payments mean the work will be delayed also. On bigger projects I can offer instalment options. Contact me for more info on this. All payments will need to be made via PayPal. I will email you an invoice after all the details have been discussed and finalised.
No. The special offer price must be booked within the timeframe of the offer.
All details must be stated before the painting is started. Additional requests may come at an extra cost.
Please remember if you’re asking me to recreate a portrait it’s going to be in my art style. I am open to collaborations and always willing to experiment with art but this is something that needs to be discussed prior to the work being started. I do not copy or will attempt to copy the work of another artist. Also if you want it to look exactly like a photo or abstract etc this just isn’t my style so make sure to have a look at my art style before making a booking.
High res photos are required before starting the painting. High res is important in order for me to see the subject more clearly and also to deliver a better quality art piece for you. It is also important to let me know of anything you want included or excluded as I will use the photo as a reference to the painting so please let me know before the painting is started. A minimum of 3 high quality reference photos is required.